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  • Engage instinctive talents of team members
  • Reduce turnover   
  • Tap the team’s creative process
  • Increase team productivity
  • Understand the team’s probability of success
  • Best attain team goals
  • Hire staff to meet specific responsibilities
  • Increase job satisfaction

Prior to the seminar, each participant completes the Kolbe A™ Index, a quick and easy 36-question Internet assessment instrument.  This isn’t an IQ or personality test, but rather a measurement of what team members will and won’t do.  By understanding each team member’s natural instincts, you’ll know who to count on to perform specific roles. 

Kolbe Index
Synergy Report
Coaching for Success Report
Right Fit Report
During the seminar, Gary explains natural instinct and how the Kolbe A Index is used as a highly reliable predictor of job performance.  He then provides each team member with their Kolbe A Index and interprets the results.
After participants understand their own Method of Operating as well as those of their other team members, Gary uses the Kolbe Synergy Report to address ways to enhance productivity.
Following the seminar, supervisors will receive Coaching for Success Reports to assist them in understanding how to leverage each team member’s Method of Operating (MO).

In the consulting sessions that follow the seminar, supervisors may choose to use the Kolbe RightFit Report to fill new or existing positions on the team.  This program makes finding the “right” person for the right job easier and less expensive.  Statistically proven, it assists companies in screening and selecting the best job applicants by determining who has the necessary instincts.

In This Program Participants Learn How To:


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