Jersey Boys Give the Love

Posted on August 14th, 2008

While in New York City last week, my 16 year old daughter Gabi and I treated ourselves to what continues to be one of Jersey Boys Playbillthe most fun and exhilarating shows on Broadway – Jersey Boys.  From the opening “Ces Soirees-LA (Oh What a Night)” to the finale “Who Loves You”, we experienced a wonderful song filled celebration of The Four Seasons’ story that included 16 of the group’s original hits.   I was so wrapped up in the performance that I couldn’t believe how the time flew by.  Jersey Boys was simply one of those great life experiences that I didn’t want to end.

As we left the theater on an emotional high which I don’t recall experiencing from any other musical, Gabi said, “Hey, let’s go meet the actors at the stage door!”  So we lined up outside the theater with another 20 enthusiastic fans.  I expected the actors who portrayed The Four Seasons to make a quick exit, shake a few hands and hop in one of the shiny black limos waiting at the curb.  After all, they had exited that stage door hundreds of times.

We waited about ten minutes and then one the actors appeared and made his way slowly along the line of fans, smiling, shaking hands, autographing playbills and posing for pictures.  Another actor exited a few minutes later and embraced the fans in the same manner, as it was a few minutes later for the third actor.  Lastly, Michael Longoria, who played Frankie Valli, stepped out of the stage door.  More than the three actors who preceded him, Longoria was the one who seemed to enjoy interacting with the audience the most.  He patiently posed for second or third photos and signed playbills as he engaged his admiring fans. 

The small effort on the part of the talented actors to meet audience members after the show toped an evening that I already thought to be perfect.  Clearly Jersey Boys is a sensational show, but it is the incredibly gifted actors and their Rock Star Attitudes that make Gabi and me want to come back again.

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  1. Ric Dolgen said,

    It seems the talent gave a big extra effort to appreciate their fans…its a good reminder for me to give my clients some extra attention. Thanks for the tip.

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